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  • $499.99$699.99

    For the most comfortable night’s sleep all year round, make the switch to a camel duvet! This duvet is lightweight, warm and super luxurious. It is recommended for people who like the beneficial properties of wool for sleeping, but they are looking for a more subtle and luxurious alternative to sheep’s wool. Choose from our three sizes – Twin, Full/Queen, and King and start enjoying a more luxurious night’s sleep today. Please note that the delivery lead time from the factory is within 3 weeks

  • $259.99

    All parents want their children to sleep a good night's sleep and not to disturb them. Have you ever asked yourself why your children do not like to sleep under the duvet? And you stay awake all night and worry that your children might be freezIng? All children want the duvet to be light, they do not like to sweat, and if they feel that the body is sweating, they immediately begin to open up and take off the duvet. Some children throw off the duvet, then get cold and cry because of that. Camelus has crafted kids size duvet, which is lightweight, warm, but not sweaty and super soft. Under the Camelus Kids Duvet your children will sleep all night long keeping you calm and rested.

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