Our company specialises in manufacturing and marketing duvets made by 100% camel down under its own brand “CamelUs”. We are committed to producing high quality, comfortable, well-designed duvets in a range of textures and sizes customized only to your needs.

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The idea of using Camel Wool in a Duvet or Comforter is not new. In fact it is as old as Camels themselves. Being that Camel Wool has so many unique and beneficial properties, people in the those regions where Camels are common have always found ways to utilize their amazing wool. Camelus was founded by Lena & Mira, two friends from Kazakhstan who grew up sleeping in Camel Wool Duvets their whole childhood. When they came to America they quickly realized that Camel Wool was very uncommon he and most people never even felt what Camel Wool feels like, let alone see Duvets and Comforters made with it in the local bedding stores. Knowing well how much better Camel Wool is compared to other materials they where determined to bring Camel Wool Duvets to the USA public. People quickly fall in love with how soft and thin the Camel Wool Duvets are and yet how much warmer they are compared to thick and bulky comforters. Seeing people fall in love with the Duvet is what its all about for Lena & Mira. More people get to sleep better at night and their local town and Camels gain direct benefit because it helps drive their local economy and the Camels love to have their wool trimmed too. So everyone can sleep better at night with a Camelus Duvet.

We crossed the world to comfort you.

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