Our company specialises in manufacturing and marketing duvets made by 100% camel down under its own brand “CamelUs”. We are committed to producing high quality, comfortable, well-designed duvets in a range of textures and sizes customized only to your needs.

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About Us

Camelus was born from a treasured family secret.

While growing up, the secret was forgotten for a time. When we got married, we realized that its the secret to a happy home.

It is a very simple thing that keeps us healthy, kind, understanding and loving… It’s a good nights’ sleep!

In our family, a camel wool duvet was the “must-have” thing. It was the most popular wedding gift. When couples sleep peacefully together, they are given a chance to rest and share their tenderness. Kids are calm and comfy sleeping under a Camelus duvet… giving parents more time together.

The Camel is associated with a long journey, patience, strength, self-healing and survival.
The Camel kindly shares their magic wool, keeping us warm and safe.

Camelus keeps families happy and healthy.

We are proud to share our secret with you.

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