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Camelushome began with the treasured family secret inherited from my grandparents. While growing up, I had forgotten about my grandmother's advice until I became a wife and mom myself. My Grandmother's advice was: "Always sleep under one blanket with your partner! This creates an invisible connection between you and makes you both calm and loving." It seemed like a simple thing, but very challenging to do: one is always cold, the other one is hot, one loves a heavy blanket, the other one doesn't and many other things when human nature and sometimes habits do not coincide between partners. The solution was right there, which was a camel wool duvet. Why camel wool? Because it is thermoregulatory, thus maintains the body temperature and has many healing properties. Over the years, I've realized that my grandmother's words are the secret to a happy home and happy living.
Wool processing technology has gone above and beyond since my childhood, nowadays camel wool is processed to be softer and lighter with all the healing properties preserved. Therefore, when starting the brand, we've invested heavily in the best wool processing equipment to create the perfect camel wool duvet that makes families happier.
The camel is associated with a long journey, patience, strength, self-healing and survival and is a symbol of core family values for me. It kindly shares its magic wool, keeping us warm and safe. Camelus keeps families happy and healthy!
We are proud to share our secret with you, but we couldn’t stop there.
And we are working on adding more organic and natural everyday essentials for all the family to enjoy and be happy.
Our main goal is to create and maintain our relationship with our customers by giving them exceptional products to make their lives more comfortable.

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