Benefits of Camelus Duvet

With our camel down duvet you can sleep more comfortably. Camel wool comforters contain thermostatic properties that allow your skin to breathe and will regulate temperatures under every kind of thermal condition. A natural duvet with camel wool will increase your body temperature when it’s colder, and decrease it when it’s warmer. This helps your body maintain a stable temperature regardless of the ambient room temperature.
If you suffer from allergies, your down or synthetic fiber comforter could be making your symptoms worse. Our camel down filled duvet inserts is free of harsh chemicals, toxins, and pesticides. Plus, thanks to the high lanolin of camel wool, they are both mold and dust mite proof, which means no more skin irritations, frequent cough or runny nose, and you’ll notice a marked improvement in your breathing at night.
Camel wool is a more lightweight material than sheep’s wool; there are no feathers that poke through the lining to poke you in the middle of the night. Plus, with camel wool luxury comforters, the duvet filling won’t shift around like comforters that are filled with goose down feathers.
No camel or other animal is harmed in the production or manufacturing of our natural duvet inserts.
Since camels live in the deserts where no synthetic pesticides or hormones can be found, Camel wool, unlike other bedding materials, is genuinely organic. In the manufacturing process of polyester and down bedding, pollutants are released into the air, while camel wool, on the other hand, is a self-renewable resource that is environmentally friendly. Plus, when wool reaches the end of its lifecycle, it decomposes into natural fertilizer, unlike synthetic materials that are full of chemicals and take decades to decompose.
Camel wool, unlike polyester and down alternative bedding, is naturally antistatic, which means it can reduce and eliminate the buildup of static electricity. What does this mean for you? It means that you won’t have to worry about your camel duvet clinging to you in the middle of the night.
Camel wool is naturally fireproof, making the camel down duvet inserts the safest and best duvet inserts to use for kids
Wool naturally absorbs moisture without losing its insulating properties or feeling damp. The moisture-wicking abilities make camel wool the best down alternative duvet that will pull sweat away from your body to keep your skin warm and dry.
With a camel wool comforter, you no longer have to suffer through the night with cold legs. The rapid warming effects will instantaneously warm you up and banish the cold. Unlike down-filled comforters, wool comforters don’t need time to trap your body heat.
Luxury comforters that contain camel wool can help to eliminate the positive ions that interfere with the nervous symptoms. Today’s technology has essentially thrown our nervous systems out of balance, which can result in a myriad of symptoms* * symptoms of a nervous system disorder include chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, nervousness, hyperactivity, reduced immune function, lack of focus, anxiety, and sleep issues
Lanolin is a natural wool wax that helps keep skin moisturized. The hair from camels includes a ton of lanolin. When temperatures reach a range between 96.8 and 98.6 °F (36-37 °C), the lanolin in camel hair is released as a vapor and has a tremendous benefit to the skin, muscles, and joints. It helps to neutralize the natural toxins that are secreted by the body while rejuvenating and improving the skin’s elasticity.
You don’t have to worry about fighting with your partner over the covers. Everyone will be able to sleep soundly and wake up still wrapped up in the fluffy comforter.
Camel wool comforters can last for at least seven years, or longer if you use it with a duvet cover.
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Certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®  (19.HKZ.74636 HOHENSTEIN HTTI).
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