Our company specialises in manufacturing and marketing duvets made by 100% camel down under its own brand “CamelUs”. We are committed to producing high quality, comfortable, well-designed duvets in a range of textures and sizes customized only to your needs.

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Discover why Camel Wool filled Duvet Comforters are the Best in the World.

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The Most Versatile Duvet Comforter In The World

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You Won't Want To Sleep Again Without a Camel Wool Duvet

🐪 It’s Allergy-Free so you can sleep better and healthier.

🐪 It’s Temperature Regulating so you you’ll be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

🐪 It’s softer than any sheep wool, down, cotton, bamboo, or synthetic fiber comforters or duvets, which means you’ll be more comfortable and relaxed in bed.

🐪 Camels absolutely love to get haircuts so it’s 100% Animal well-being conscious.

Worthy Purchase

We believe in outstanding quality. It is our central manufacturing philosophy. Our supreme, luxury camel wool duvets will give you cuddles while you sleep a warmer, healthier and deeper sleep.

Stay soft and snugly – year after year after year.


We care about our environmental future and give you a promise that no toxic chemicals are used during the production process. Unlike the usual manufacturing of polyester bedding, camel hair is a self-renewable and entirely biodegradable resource that does not produce pollutants making it environmentally friendly. Therefore, our products are carefully produced and brought to you without harm to the environment. 

Camels love us!

We gather camel hair only during the hair shedding period. That’s it. No painful shearing methods or haircutting involved. The Camels walk over, sit down, and smile as we gently trim their excess hair.

We love camels; camels love us. 

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