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Why your kid doesn’t want to sleep under comforter?

All the “motherly” forums are full of messages: “my child does not want to be under the covers”, “my daughter throws off her blanket all the time, what do I have to do with it?”, “My son does not sleep under the covers.” Mothers are anxious thinking that the baby will freeze and are looking for a solution. Indeed, this situation raises many questions. Let’s see why kids don’t like the blanket so much, why do they push it off with all their might, and then just nod off and rather sleep without it?

If the baby is already grown up, if they are already over 2 years old, they can hide himself, then the blanket is no longer a danger. But here we are come across those who do or do not enjoy sleeping under the cover.

A lot of children do not want to fall asleep with bedding and throw them off before sleep or while they are dreaming. This makes parents worry that the baby will freeze and even get sick, get back to baby’s bed several times a night, thereby disrupting their own sleep to cover the sleeping baby.

   Other children, on the contrary, like to wrap themselves up and fall asleep in a warm nest. The kids demand that their mother wrap them up properly, tuck the blanket in all sides, make sure that not a single hole remains. Only in such a cocoon do they feel safe and are fast asleep.

In addition to obvious reasons for the “love” of blankets, such as body and comfort, there are also psychological ones. Duvet lovers may be more anxious and thermophilic. And physical boundaries give them a sense of security.

   If your toddler is struggling with covering, the first thing to check is the conditions in which the toddler sleeps:

1. Temperature. It is important that the baby’s clothes are selected in accordance with the season and weather, the room should be comfortable: humid enough (50-60%), ventilated and not too  hot (up to 22 degrees)

2. Weight. The baby may just be physically uncomfortable under a heavy blanket. Therefore, it is essential to choose bedding made of light, non-aggravating materials.

2. Attention from mom. The baby, opening up, can thus achieve the mother’s reaction: “Mom, help me, I cannot do it myself” If the baby does not have enough mother’s attention, you need to devote some time to communication – emotional and tactile, especially before bedtime.

3. A very active child. A highly mobile baby can turn around in the crib for a long time, continuing the movement that started during wakefulness. It is important for active children to pay attention to evening rituals, making them as calm and, of course, regular as possible.

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