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How to Transition Your Bed for Winter?

The leaves are starting to turn color, and the days are become shorter, which means winter is just around the corner. As the colder weather starts to take hold you’ve probably started to order more hot drinks, layered on a warm and cozy sweater, and started spending more time snuggling up next to the fireplace. However, when it comes to your sleep, are you making the same preparations for the cold nights ahead? If you want to create a cozy winter bed to get you through the freezing winter months, here’s how to transition your bed for winter.

Switch to Flannel

During the summer you probably crave the lightest and airiest sheets to help keep you cool in the heat. However, during the winter, you should choose a fabric that is warmer and more durable. Switching to flannel sheets during the winter will create the warm and cozy habitat that will invite you to spend cold weekend days snuggled up under the covers.

Add a Microfleece Blanket to the Mix

If the nights where you live are unusually cold, you might want to add a microfleece blanket on top of your sheets. They are so comfy and warm that you’ll forget that its only 20 degrees outside. A microfleece blanket will add lightweight warmth to your nighttime slumber, and the breathability of a microfleece blanket will keep you toasty without overheating.

Consider a Camel Wool Duvet

If you love your sheets and don’t want to make the switch to flannel, you can try a camel wool duvet insert instead. Studies have proven that sleeping with a comforter made from camel wool will lower your heart rate, reduce sleep disturbances, and increase the duration of beneficial REM sleep, all while keeping you warm without causing you to overheat. Camel wool is the best material to use to help you maintain comfortable body temperature throughout the night. A CamelUS camel hair comforter is the best down duvet insert money can buy. Not only are they lightweight and soft, but they’re hypoallergenic, as well as eco-friendly.

Add a Cozy Quilt

One of the best and easiest ways to update your bed for the cold winter months is to layer seasonal warm blankets and quilts to your bed. You can place a warm and cozy quilt folded beautifully at the foot of your bed so that it’s easy to grab if you find yourself getting a little too chilly at night.

Throw on a Throw

Finally, add a cable knit throw blanket to the mix for those lazy mornings in bed. The loose cable texture of these kinds of blankets are incredibly lightweight, so they can help keep you the perfect temperature throughout the cold winter months, as well as throughout the rest of the year.

You don’t have to continue to climb into a cold bed at night during the winter. By making just a few minor changes to the items you place on your bed, you can enjoy the warm and cozy comfort all winter long.

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