Our Bestsellers

  • 100% Natural Camel Wool Duvet

    For the most comfortable night’s sleep all year round, make the switch to a camel duvet!

    This duvet is lightweight, warm and super luxurious. It is recommended for people who like the beneficial properties of wool for sleeping, but they are looking for a more subtle and luxurious alternative to sheep’s wool.

    Choose from our three sizes – Twin, Full/Queen, and King and start enjoying a more luxurious night’s sleep today.

  • Eucalyptus Lyocell Duvet Cover Set, Light Beige

    Our sustainable and soft eucalyptus duvet cover is like silk but better. Our duvet cover set includes a duvet cover and two pillowcases. All our eucalyptus bedding products are created sustainably and Oeko-Tex certified, meaning there are no harmful chemicals used and that all components meet strict requirements.

    * Sustainable reusable fashion tote bag included in every set.

    The bag is made of organic cotton; it is washable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

  • Unisex Ultra Warm Merino Wool Tall Socks
    90% merino wool socks are luxuriously thick and exceptionally warm.

    Tight merino knit makes the socks fit well and tightly. Socks which breathe feel always dry, transferring moisture away from the skin.

    Multi-purpose unisex merino wool socks are suitable for outdoor exercise, working outdoors and wearing at home. Hunters’ and hikers’ favourite and Pilates socks beyond comparison.

    A complimentary Reusable Mesh Zipper Laundry Bag is included with any Set of Socks.

    Note: We recommend to size up for a wider foot.

    Sizes chart

    Free shipping for all orders over $59

  • Unisex Merino Wool Low Ankle Socks
    Merino Wool is a natural fiber that is super strong and incredibly soft.

    These unisex socks will keep you warm in winter and breezy-cool in summer.

    It’s natural moisture-wicking properties keep your feet dry and cozy.

    For the whole family to stay warm and healthy all year round. For any climate zone and for any life activities.
    Note: We recommend to size up for a wider foot.

    Sizes chart

    Free shipping for all orders over $59



  • Yuliana
    An excellent option of bedding. Pleasant texture, smooth, soft, durable and by the way I don’t even iron it
  • Tonya Khan
    Got two of these for my twins.. Both are now enjoying their sleep. Delivered quite soon. Recommend
    Tonya Khan
  • Michael

    Thinner but surprisingly warmer than alpaca wool socks. Suitable for any winter adventure.

  • Liana S.
    Bought it by my cousin’s advice. Reasonably priced but amazing quality. Lighter and softer than both of our previous purchases. Gonna try some other products of this brand
    Liana S.
  • Laura Debry
    The whole family is impressed! Got three sets to try them out, but gonna buy some more!
    Laura Debry
  • Kevin

    Have been using the robe for 2 months now. Seems to be new though. An item for a customer who likes the value.

  • Jasmin B
    The third item by Camelus. Always delighted with the style and properties. Have been using the adult’s duvet for around a year now, hope the kid’s duvet will serve as well.
    Jasmin B
  • Hannah

    Best purchase so far. Japanese style kimono made of great fabric and great design.

  • Emma

    Good socks if you are outdoors during the cold season.

  • Brandon

    Second season with the socks. Best for the low temperatures, durable.

  • Andrea

    Superb quality linen. Don’t hesitate to buy.

  • Alan P
    This set is truly superb!! Started having a great sleep, putting those pillowcases and the cover, as they are silky and smooth so make you feel REALLY COMFY! Speedy delivery
    Alan P