Our company specialises in manufacturing and marketing duvets made by 100% camel down under its own brand “CamelUs”. We are committed to producing high quality, comfortable, well-designed duvets in a range of textures and sizes customized only to your needs.

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Cuddle up with Camelus

Cuddle up with Camelus

Organic & Cruelty-free Camel Wool Duvets

Moisture Wicking
Wool absorbs moisture without losing warmth or feeling damp. The moisture-wicking abilities of a camel wool duvet draw moisture away to keep you warm and dry.
Camel wool is naturally fireproof. Camelus duvets are a safety blanket for your whole family.
Camels live in deserts where no synthetic pesticides or hormones exist. Camel wool, unlike other bedding materials, is genuinely organic. In the manufacturing process of polyester and down bedding, pollutants are created. Camel wool is a sustainable resource. Plus, when wool reaches the end of its lifecycle, it becomes organic fertilizer.
Lightweight and soft
Camel wool is more lightweight than sheep wool. Compared to goose down; there are no feathers that poke through. Camelus duvet filling won't bunch up like the ones that are filled with feathers or synthetic material.
No camels or other animals are harmed in the production or manufacturing of our natural duvet filling.
If you suffer from allergies, your down or synthetic fiber duvet could be making your symptoms worse. Our camel wool duvet is free of harsh chemicals, toxins, and pesticides. Plus, thanks to the high lanolin of camel wool, they are both mold and dust mite proof, which means no more itching, sneezing or coughing. You'll notice a marked improvement in your breathing at night.
Healthy Skin
Lanolin is a natural wool wax that helps keep skin moisturized. The hair from camels includes a ton of lanolin. When temperatures reach a range between 96.8 and 98.6 °F (36-37 °C), the lanolin in camel hair is released as a vapor and has a tremendous benefit to the skin, muscles, and joints. It helps to neutralize the natural toxins that are secreted by the body while rejuvenating and improving the skin's elasticity.
Perfect for partners who prefer different temperatures
You don’t have to worry about fighting over the covers. Everyone will be able to sleep soundly and wake up under a soft and cozy duvet.
Fast Warming
With a camel wool duvet, you no longer have to suffer through the night with cold legs. The rapid warming effects will instantaneously warm you up. Unlike down-filled duvets, ours don't take time to trap your body heat.

Sleep better... forever.

🐪 Hypoallergenic

🐪 Temperature Regulating (Duvet for all seasons)

🐪 Softer than sheeps’ wool, goose down, cotton, bamboo, or synthetic fiber.

🐪 Camels love to get haircuts so it’s 100% cruelty-free.

Healthy Purchase

We believe in true quality. It is our philosophy and promise. A Camelus camel wool duvet helps you sleep deeper and longer.

You will be cozy and rested for years to come.


We care about our environment. We promise that no toxic chemicals are used during the production process. Unlike the usual manufacturing of polyester bedding, camel hair is a self-renewable and entirely biodegradable resource that does not produce pollutants.

Camelus duvets are ethically made for you… without harming the environment. 

Camels love us!

We gather camel hair only during the hair shedding period. That’s it. No painful shearing methods or haircutting involved. The Camels walk over, sit down, and smile as we gently trim their excess hair.

We love camels; camels love us. 

Customer Reviews

A definite MUST HAVE! You will know what it is like to sleep in the clouds! Super comfortable and cozy


Don’t hesitate to get it! Spent days surfing online and made the right choice. SO happy we came across it


Whatever you’ve had before – forget it. Seems like we found a perfect thing for our beds…Both my husband and I can’t get enough of it. It really improved the quality of our sleep. Equally good for children. We only regret not ordering it in King size


Didn’t realize the importance of the duvet until getting this one. It’s ultra-fluffy and feels pleasant to your skin. Now I simply want to stay in bed as long as possible!


INCREDIBLY soft and gentle. Feels absolutely luxury to sleep on. Besides the camel wool is known to wick moisture from your skin, which is important for me.


In a nutshell, an awesome duvet. You won’t be disappointed. Took the twin size. We gonna recommend your products to our friends. Thank you, CamelUS.


BEST DUVET EVER! Perfect value for money, fast delivery and the most importantly, comfy duvet.


After moving house I needed to get a new duvet, though I have never imagined that this one would change my sleep totally! Since having it I have never suffered from insomnia andbecause comfort is the first value for me, my choice couldn’t be better.


My biggest problems was getting cold in the winter while trying to cool down in the summer. After discovering the temperature regulating properties of this duvet, I could finally get over it. Highly recommend.


Decided to try the camel wool after researching the different types. Earlier I used to have a sheep wool-duvet, though the texture of our new King-Size feels MUUUUCH softer. Got some for the whole family, including kids, as they are hypoallergenic and thus perfect for us.


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