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Is Camel Hair Considered Wool?

For centuries not only sheep’s wool, but also camel’s wool was used by the nomads because of its many useful features and has continues to be used to create clothing, textiles, and bedding, because it is one of the best insulating materials that is found in nature. Along with it being much warmer than cotton, and not as suffocating as down, wool dries much faster, making it an ideal material to use in winter clothing. The most widely available kind of wool comes from sheep; however in the last several years, camel hair has become a popular alternative for various products, including bedding, for its superior benefits and features.

What is Camel Hair?

Camel hair is luxury wool that is exceptionally soft, durable, lightweight, lustrous, and warm, just like sheep’s wool. It has become a popular material to use in luxury bedding, like that manufactured by Camelus, and is known to create a fluffy comforter that can be used year-round. Camel wool is meticulously collected from the 2-humped Bactrian camels that are often found in Mongolia, Australia, China, and the Middle East.

Is Camel Hair Collected the Same Way as Other Wool?

The fiber is collected from the undercoat of the camel, typically when they are in the process of molting, but it can also be obtained by combing or shearing the guard hair or undercoat of the animals. Up to 22 pounds of this luxurious fiber is collected for use in a good quality duvet, before going through a rigorous selection process that ends up with just seven pounds of the highest quality, exceptional and extraordinarily soft camel hair to be placed in a single, camel down duvet. Selecting only the highest quality fibers allows for the natural duvet to be extremely lightweight, aiding to its all-night comfort.

Why is Camel Hair Considered Luxury Wool?

Camels are known for producing longer fibers than sheep, which ends up being able to create a more durable product. The threads of the camel wool are hollow, which allows for the products to be incredibly lightweight while keeping the insulating properties that other wools are best known for. These incredible insulating properties of camel wool make the products manufactured with it very warm in the winter and protects against heat in warmer temperatures.

The fibers of camel hair are also much finer than most of the wool that you can collect from sheep. The more delicate fibers give the camel wool a much softer and more delicate feel than sheep’s wool. This makes it the perfect material to use in the manufacturing of luxury bedding, including luxury comforters.

Like sheep’s wool, camel wool is fantastic when it comes to its ability to regulate temperature and wick away moisture from your skin. The ultra-insulating and lightweight properties of a camel duvet make camel hair comforters the best all-season duvet that money can buy. If you are looking to replace your old down comforter with the best down alternative duvet, look no further than Camelus, the best place to buy bedding online. Find the best quality duvet products on the market today.

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