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The Difference Between Camel Wool and Sheep Wool

Wool has been proven to be one of nature’s best insulating materials. Along with being warmer than cotton, wool also dries much faster. The most widely available kind of wool on the market come from sheep. However, sheep aren’t the only animals on the plant that produce wool-like fibers. For centuries, wool has been a popular material for all natural mattresses, pillows, toppers and protectors and luxury comforters and other bedding.

What is Sheep’s Wool?

Sheep’s wool is the most widely available kind of wool and is sorted into several different levels of quality. Fine-wool is used to make luxury garments like dress pants and suits, while medium-quality wool is used to produce heavier sports coats, sweaters, and lighter blankets. The coarser sheep’s wool is best for use in heavy blankets and comforters, topcoats, and upholstery products. The fibers of sheep’s wool have many good qualities. Sheep’s wool can help you sleep more soundly. It is also a hypoallergenic material and resistant to dust mites, which is why it is so often used luxury comforters and other bedding.

What is Camel Wool?

Camel wool comes from the Bactrian camels that are native to the Gobi Desert and has all the same great benefits of sheep’s wool, and then some. It can only be produced from Mongolia and Kazakhstan camels, which makes it much harder to produce in large quantities, which makes it more expensive. The fibers that are produced by camels are much longer than sheep fibers which result in a product that is much more durable. The fibers from Mongolian camels are known to be even longer than their southern neighbors; the Bactrian camels, which means that the products that are made from their wool fibers are even more durable. The threads of camel wool are also hollow, which helps to keep the products that are made from it lightweight and ultra-insulating. Another great benefit of camel wool that makes it the best duvet filling is that the wool fibers from camels are much finer than most sheep’s wool, which gives it a softer and more delicate feel.

Camel wool is by far makes the best down duvet insert compared to sheep’s wool. With its fantastic temperature regulating properties, its ability to wick moisture from your skin, and its lightweight and ultra-insulating characteristics, camel wool makes the fluffiest comforter and bet duvet insert that you can buy. If you’re looking to purchase a new good quality duvet, look no farther than our natural duvet, luxury bedding of camel wool. You can buy the best quality duvet inserts made of camel hair from us today! We have a large selection of the best lightweight duvet inserts to meet your needs.

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